General physiology Revision

Surgery MCQs



Physiology MCQ

a. Arterior dilation
b. Lymphatic obstruction
c.Reduced oncotic pressure in the liver
d.Reduced globulin in the blood
e. Increased venous pressure in heart failure

a. False
e. True

Deep tendon reflex

Deep tendon reflex also known as stretch reflex. When we tap on the  tendon of muscle , whole muscle contract transiently due to that  intrafusal fibers of muscle also contract transiently. ( intrafusal fibers are sensory organs of muscle ) so it produce action potential on 1a fibers ( afferent fibers) . 1a fibers synapse with Alfa motor neurone . Then alfa motor neurone release acetayl
choline at neuromuscular junction at extrafusal fibers . Then acetylcholine act on nicotinc acetylcholine receptors and open iorn channels. Action potential develop at muscle and muscle contract .

During examination of deep tendon reflex it is checked the integrity of following component of reflex arc

1. Sensory organ
2. Afferent neurone
3. Central connection
4.Efferent neurone
5.Effector organ

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1. Autosomal dominant inheritance
a) Haemophelia
b) Tuberous sclerosis
c) Thalassemia
d) Vitamin D resistant rickets

Which following is not a causes of bronchiectasis

a.Cystic fibrosis

Commonest cause for Community-acquired pneumonia is

Streptococcus pneumonia
Haemophilus influenzae
Mycoplasma pneumoniae. 
Staphylococcus aureus,

Psychiatry True / False MCQs

1. In Panic disorders,

a) Presents as recurrent chest pain.
b) Commonly associated with cardiac arrhythmias.
c) Effectively treated with Imipramine.
d) Can be caused by Hypothyroidism.
e) Significantly associated with Agarophobia.

Surgery MCQ 2

1. Regarding hand infections

a. Elevation of the hand facilitates the healing process
b. Oral antibiotics are sufficient in the initial stages
c. Mobilization of fingers should be delayed until complete resolution of infection
d. Swelling of the dorsum of the hand indicates an abscess in the dorsum
e. When the hand is splinted, the MCP joints should be maintained in flexion

Surgery MCQs

True / false MCQs

1.Pulmonary atelectatsis

a. Impairs gas change
b. Predisposes to infection
c. Is a cause of post op. fever
d. Is prevented with appropriate antibiotics
e. Is unlikely if the CXR is normal